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Nutritional Support in Riverton

Nutritional support is one the anchors of care that we employ when administering chiropractic and/or acupuncture care. We employ the use of laboratory screening as well as very sensitive computerized symptom surveys to help in evaluating ones nutritional requirements.

All injuries and most musculoskeletal problems require nutrition to assist in reduction of inflammation, healing and regeneration of tissues. "74% of Americans are below daily RDA requirements for magnesium, 55% for iron, 68% calcium, 40% vitamin C, 33% B12, 80% B6, 33% B3, 35% B2, 45% B1, 50% vitamin A. From 25-50% of hospital patients suffer from protein calorie malnutrition. Pure malnutrition (cachexia) is responsible for at least 22% and up to 67% of all cancer deaths.

Up to 80% of all cancer patients have reduced levels of serum albumin, which is a leading indicator of protein and calorie malnutrition. At least 20% of Americans are clinically malnourished, with 70% being sub-clinically malnourished, and the remaining "chosen few" 10% in good optimal health."—Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

We use products from companies with the highest standards of preparation and potency. Many of the products we use are backed by clinical research studies for effectiveness and safety. All of these products are of a higher grade than what can be purchased in stores. They are not available over the counter.

Some of the Nutritional Company products we use:

  • Standard Process
  • Biotoics Research
  • Key Company
  • Synergy Worldwide
  • Designs for Health
  • Professional Complimentary Health Formulas
  • Ton Shen Health
  • Life Rising Herbs
  • Dixie Pharmaceuticals
  • Complimed Homeopathic Formulas
  • American Biotech Labs
  • Heel Homeopathic Formulas
  • BHI Homeopathic Formulas