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How does Spinal Decompression at the Rosquist Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic differ from other providers?

Certified Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique (Kdt Certified)

Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique is the Gold Standard for spinal decompression therapy and is the most comprehensive spinal decompression technique currently available. It incorporates evidence based criteria with thousands of clinical treatment trials to determine the best way to qualify and treat patients using spinal decompression. We use the Kennedy technique in our office when administering decompression therapy. The Kennedy technique helps to qualify if the patient is a candidate for spinal decompression. Not all people with spinal pain are candidates for spinal decompression therapy! In fact, in some cases, decompression can worsen the condition if not properly accessed and treated accordingly. If you are seeking spinal decompression from a non-Kennedy certified practitioner, you may be at risk!

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spinal decompression certificate


Very few clinics are incorporating acupuncture into their spinal decompression treatment regimen. Acupuncture has been used successfully for over 3,000 years. Acupuncture can be an important adjunct in spinal decompression towards pain reduction and tissue healing. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental medicine (NCCAOM) is the only nationally recognized agency for acupuncture with adherence to the highest standards and training for certification in acupuncture. If you are receiving acupuncture, you should be obtaining it from a NCCAOM diplomate (Dipl. Ac NCCAOM) who is licensed to perform acupuncture. Dr. Rosquist is a diplomate in Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac NCCAOM ) with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental medicine and is a licensed (LAc) acupuncturist in the state of Utah.

Ambulatory Lumbar Traction

Ambulatory traction is an important adjunct in lumbar spinal decompression. Ambulatory traction is applied to patients who meet the criteria for Spinal Decompression. Ambulatory traction is a removable monovalve fiberglass lumbar cast that is fabricated to the patient to provide an exact fit to the lumbar spine and pelvis. This device helps decrease the loading to the lumbar spine that occurs during weight bearing (sitting, walking and standing). This will make the decompression treatments effects last longer by decreasing the reloading effect on the spine when weight bearing, allowing the discs and related structures to heal quicker and decrease the aggravation of weight bearing.

ATM PRO 2® Active Rehab Spine Stabilizer

The addition of the ATM2 spinal stabilizer in combination with Spinal Decompression is especially beneficial as movement impairments, resultant of a loss of dynamic intrinsic muscular stability, are important factors that need to be properly addressed along with disc bulges or herniations. The ATM2 creates relief and rehabilitation simultaneously by addressing inappropriate muscle activation patterns that create shearing and irritation that lead to the "sites" of pain including discs and facet joints. Exercise using the ATM PRO 2 retrain inappropriate muscle movement pa terns that create pain.

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We incorporate these methods in our unique Decompression program that are different from all other Spinal Decompression programs to give you the best care available at an affordable cost that is a fraction of the cost of most other programs!