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Spinal Decompression Program in Riverton

If you are not committed to follow the isometric exercise program, do not have decompression therapy!

Decompression therapy is a very powerful tool, highly recommended and, when appropriately used, can help disc patients who have experienced failure in all other systems, including traditional chiropractic.

However; Spinal Decompression just like other treatments, including Spinal Surgery, Pain Medications and injections, is a treatment that does not address the cause of the problem. The reality is that decompression without proper muscle strengthening and rehabilitation is actually just a very expensive Band-Aid.

Many patients who have spent a lot of money for decompression therapy have had their symptoms return within three to six months. However, it is the rehab that creates the stability and correction to enhance and stabilize the benefits of spinal decompression.

When it comes to rehabilitating the spine, certain specific factors must be considered. First of all, traditional, conventional rehab, which involves performing resistance exercises through a range of motion (i.e., weights, machines, therabands) along with electrotherapeutic machines (i.e., electric muscle stimulation) do not address this problem. The reason is that they are working the fast-twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscles will make you strong, but will not change the structure of the spine or remove the underlying cause of the disc injury. They will help you to carry your groceries, while the spinal structure continues to degenerate.

The muscles that support spinal structure and determine spinal stability, the shape of your spinal curves and the future of the health of your spine; are postural, slow-twitch muscles. Slow-twitch muscles that support spinal structure require isometric exercises and are very different from conventional therapy.

With our decompression protocol, you will be given a biofeedback sphygmomanometer and we will train you in its use in order to have you perform your isometric exercises properly. Consistency is the key. We will also evaluate and treat you using our ATM® spinal rehabilitaion exercise apparatus. You will get started on these exercises as soon as you are out of pain and you must continue performing your exercises after your treatment is completed (you perform these exercises lying down, they are simple and don't take much time at all). Chiropractic adjustments will also help in this process.

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Our spinal decompression program consists of a lot more that just spinal decompression. Included with the program is a number of other therapies and treatments that help to make the treatment more effective and increase the chances of a more successful outcome.

Our spinal decompression treatments are the most cost effective in the industry. We only charge $60 per session. We usually use ultrasound therapy prior to the decompression treatment which is a $20 charge. Each case is different and may require different adjunctive therapies or treatment. Depending on your case, we may recommend the following in addition to the spinal decompression:

1- McKenzie home exercises
2- Stretching exercises
3- Strengthening exercises
4- Muscle activation treatment
5- Lumbar spine removable cast

Most of our patients will get the majority of their symptoms resolved in 12 visits but the more difficult cases take up to 20 decompression sessions. We assess the patient's response and severity of symptoms on each visit and make the appropriate recommendations giving only the necessary care required.